Massage is one of the oldest health practices, found in 4,000 year old Chinese medical texts. ~ WebMD

Swedish Massage Therapy

Got Stress? Unwind with a soothing Swedish Massage.

Detoxify, relax, and renew with a traditional Swedish Massage. Swedish Massage uses long, relaxing strokes over the limbs, back, and torso, to soothe aching, tired muscles. Pressure is adjusted to your preference and can range from light and relaxing, to deep and detoxifying. Swedish Massage focuses on increasing circulation, relaxing muscles, soothing the nervous system, and increasing range of motion.

Massage has been shown to lower a chemical messenger for pain called ‘substance P’ in patients with fribromyalgia [a painful muscle condition]. ~ WebMD

Hot Stone MassageHot Stones Massage Therapy

Want to relax even more deeply? Try a pampering Hot Stones Massage with warmed basalt stones. Your muscles will thank you!

Be transported to a place of deep relaxation and warmth as you are massaged with oiled, heated basalt stones. Muscles melt as warm stones are placed along key relaxation points. You are then massaged with a variety of shapes and sizes of hot stones. Sink deeper into tranquility than you ever have before. A unique massage experience!

Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Experience penetrating deep tissue massage and trigger point relief for tight, painful muscles. Long flowing strokes of Swedish Massage are combined with Trigger Point Therapy to eliminate pain symptoms. Choose Therapeutic Massage when you want effective pain relief with all the benefits of a relaxing Swedish massage.

Deep Tissue MassageStructural Balancing

For chronic pain conditions, I offer three Structural Balancing therapies. These therapies – Myoskeletal Alignment, St. John Neuromuscular Therapy, and Myofascial Release – are corrective techniques that address the cause of most chronic pain issues – your posture!

Click here to learn more about Structural Balancing, Myoskeletal Alignmnet, St. John Neuromuscular Therapy, and Myofascial Release.

PLEASE NOTE: Inner Light Wellness no longer offers Massage Therapy.

It is Margaret’s experience that acupuncture works more quickly and effectively for pain relief, allergy relief, and symptoms of illness. Click here to find how acupuncture relieves your symptoms on our ‘We Treat’ page.


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