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shamanic healing, soul retrieval, soul recoverySoul Recovery – also called soul retrieval- is an ancient form of shamanic healing that seeks to reconnect you with aspects of your core self that have become disconnected due to trauma. According to indigenous cultures, imbalance or symptoms of illness are caused by ‘soul loss’. Parts of your energy system can fragment during any type of traumatic event. Core aspects such as the ability to trust may be affected. Intimacy and relationship issues, difficult emotions such as anxiety and worry, fear or anger may be present – affecting you in the here and now.

When core parts become dissociated or fragmented, your chakras – energy centers of the body – as well as your acupuncture meridians become unbalanced. Physical, mental, and emotional symptoms may occur. The overall result of soul fragmentation or soul loss is a lowering of vital life force. This life force is leaking out from your core to support the old wounds and traumas from the past – impacting your life in the present.

It is said in shamanic healing that your soul part has ‘left’ in order to shield you from the full emotional impact of the event or trauma. Your psyche uses this as a defense when an event is too overwhelming. Similar to dissociation, this detachment serves to keep your psyche intact through a difficult time. However, it comes with a price. That price is a type of shutting down or buffering that affects people in a variety of ways.  You may become ‘shut down’ or numb in response to this loss of energy.  It is said that your soul parts have become stuck in events from the past. You may be aware that your issues stem from past events but feel unable to resolve them, even after years of therapy.

  • What Are the Symptoms of Soul Loss?

    • Feeling ‘something is missing’
    • Anxiety, panic, or phobias
    • Addiction
    • Feeling disconnected
    • Relationships are difficult or repetitive
    • Fear of intimacy
    • Sleep disturbance
    • Inability to let go of the past
    • Spaciness, lack of presence, checked out
    • Guilt
    • Worry, fear
    • Obsessive behaviors
    • Anger or rage out of proportion to events
    • Depression, detachment, despondent
    • Haven’t felt the same after a certain traumatic event

Why Does Soul Loss Occur?

Parts of your core energy become lost when you experience traumatic events. Any experience that you perceive as threatening can cause an aspect of yourself to leave. Events such as divorce, death of a loved one, accidents, and serious illnesses all cause what is termed ‘soul loss’ or lost core energy. Soul loss can also occur from events that would seem mild to you as an adult but were perceived as intense or overwhelming in childhood. More serious soul loss occurs due to abuse or neglect in childhood or adulthood.

Soul Recovery is a way to retrieve these lost soul parts and integrate them into your current life. Core aspects such as the ability to know that your needs will be met and the ability to trust are returned.  Reclaiming lost aspects of your core facilitates the return to wholeness, resulting in more life force and empowerment to move forward on your life’s path with joy and ease.

What Can Be Done?

In a Soul Retrieval – Soul Recovery session, aspects of yourself that have been lost to trauma are identified and integrated back into your system.  You may notice subtle but profound, positive changes over the course of several weeks to several months depending on the severity of the trauma. As deep connections being made to your inner self, you experience more wholeness over time.

You may notice yourself responding more favorably to situations and people that were former emotional triggers. Some people notice an increased ability to ‘feel life’. As you become more whole in your own life, relationships change. You are able to interact with presence and inner balance because more of your true self is accessible to you. When you are experiencing wholeness, you live from a more centered place, able to direct your own life. The ability to live from your heart’s wisdom enables you to make choices based in the present time rather than as a reaction to past events.

Soul Recovery – Soul Retrieval should be performed by a qualified shamanic practitioner with whom you feel comfortable. Shamanic journeying is the method used by most shamanic practitioners to perform soul recovery. Soul Recovery is a powerful tool for bringing these lost soul parts back home to the heart where they can be nurtured and integrated. This allows you to experience life as a fully present human being, walking your own path anchored in your true self.

Shamanic healing a sacred trust – and one that I consider THE most powerful work I’ve ever experienced for myself and facilitated for many others.  It would be my deepest honor to facilitate Soul Retrieval – Soul Recovery for you.





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