Living With Allergies: A Glossary

WEBMD provides this concise glossary of allergy, allergen, and allergy medication terms. Use this allergy glossary to understand some of the technical terms that you may read in your allergy research and treatment. Read more

NAET Successfully Treats Severe Eczema and Skin Allergies

This story recounts a successful journey from illness to health using Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET). These techniques are non-invasive, drug free, and natural solutions to eliminate allergies of all types and intensities. Muscle testing procedures are used first to diagnose the allergen(s). Then a systematic treatment procedure combining acupressure and acupuncture is given to reprogram the brain with a new message about the allergen. One allergy is treated at a time; a person with mild to moderate amount of allergies may require 15-20 treatments. Read more

Allergy Statistics and Facts

Here’s a rundown of some of the most important allergy statistics — based on the best available data from WEBMD. Read more

Food Allergies: Where to Find Common Triggers

In the article ‘Food Allergies: Where to Find Common Triggers’ you will find a wealth of information on the various hidden sources of common allergy triggers. Many potential allergens are used as stabilizers or are hidden sources of flavoring. NAET treatments successfully clear you of food allergies as well as all the hidden components within the foods that may be triggering allergy symptoms. Read more

What Causes Chronic Allergies?

In this WEBMD article, the author describes an over-active immune response as the cause of chronic allergies. When your immune system responds to a perceived threat, it activates many of your body’s elimination functions. Your body then manifests symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, or loose stools. Your body is trying to eliminate the substance any way it can. Read more

Fruit and Vegetable Allergies Soaring

This article by Dr. Mercola was taken from his popular health website It discusses the rise in food allergies, particularly to fruits and vegetables. Dr. Mercola recommends an elimination diet to determine which foods are provoking a response and then eliminating the offending food from your diet. Read more

Allergy Elimination with NAET

NAET is a revolutionary allergy treatment that permanently eliminates your allergies. Several therapeutic techniques are combined to detect and treat sensitivities to common substances found in foods and the environment. Read more

Acupuncture for any issue

Acupuncture is a total healthcare modality that treats your symptoms while correcting the underlying cause of your pain or condition. Addressing the root cause of any condition, acupuncture provides powerful health care solutions for your total health. Read more

Energy Medicine

Heal the past and return lost energy with indigenous healings such as Shamanic Journeying and Soul Retrieval. Balance and renew with Reiki healing. Energy medicine has the potential to heal energy damage, restore balance, foster wholeness so you can create the life you want now. Read more

Structural Massage Therapy

Massage services include potent structural balancing/therapeutic massage techniques that treat the postural cause of your pain. St. John Neuromuscular, Myoskeletal Alignment, and Myofascial Release are three powerful therapies that resolve your chronic pain. Combined, these three therapeutic massage techniques resolve musculoskeletal pain issues once and for all! Read more