BBC Video – Alternative Medicine: The Evidence of Healing

The BBC Television series Alternative Medicine: The Evidence examines the centuries-old medicine practices of acupuncture, herbs, and energy healing. Part 2 of this 3 part series follows a small number of energy healing practices that have been studied in Europe and the United States. Listen to personal success stories about energy healing and learn as BBC Television tries to uncover how this form of medicine works.

This entire 1 hour video Alternative Medicine: The Evidence of Healing is posted here for educational purposes.

BBC Video – Alternative Medicine: The Evidence of Healing

The definitive BBC Series produced in conjunction with The Open University, attracted over 7.5 million viewers per episode. For thousands of years, what we now think of as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) was the only medicine; now, traditional cures are being treated with a fresh respect.

In this series of three programmes, host and self professed sceptic Professor Kathy Sykes embarks on a worldwide quest to quantify just how successful a range of Alternative Therapies can actually be and why science is starting to respond to these centuries-old remedies.

Acupuncture: Having seen a variety of conditions treated by Acupuncture in China, Kathy recruits a team of top UK scientists to evaluate the possible reasons for the success which many patients experienced, particularly with treatments for a number of chronic pain conditions. The conclusions challenge current understandings of the working of the brain and throw new light on the ancient practice of Acupuncture.

Healing: In the second episode she investigates the effectiveness of a range of Healers both in the UK and the US. She meets general practitioners, who have been so impressed with the results, that they have invited such healers to assist them in their surgeries and hospitals. She discovers that, although there is no evidence that healers have any measurable ‘special powers’ some patients undoubtedly do make remarkable recoveries. It’s a mystery Kathy only finally solves on a trip to the US when she discovers that each of us has a powerful self healing mechanism which can be triggered by a range of healers.

Herbs: In the final episode Kathy Sykes travels to South Africa and Germany to investigate the remedial power of herbal remedies. She finds a group of scientists in Germany who have identified at least eight ‘super herbs’ which have been submitted to a range of rigorous clinical tests with very promising results. So what is the secret? It appears that the plants from which the herbs are produced have an enormously complex chemical structure, that have medicinal properties modern pharmaceuticals simply cannot produce.

The definitive BBC series produced in conjunction with The Open University following Professor Kathy Sykes on her quest to find out why science is starting to respond to the centuries-old phenomenon of complementary and alternative medicine.

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