Vitamin D Deficiency and Asthma

This article describes low levels of vitamin D as a contributing factor in asthma.  Many of us are vitamin D deficient.  Vitamin D deficiency can occur even in sunny areas of the world.  It is believed that this is due to people working indoors and not receiving enough sunlight.  NAET theory proposes that people with vitamin D allergies will not absorb enough vitamin D which results in deficiencies.  Regardless of the reason for the deficiency, low vitamin D levels have been linked to asthma and allergies. Fortunately, if you are experiencing low vitamin D levels due to an allergy, you can be tested and treated. Read more

Shifting America From Sick Care to Genuine Wellness

Read this inspiring article by Senator Tom Harkin which voices his opinion on health care reform. He describes our current ‘healthcare’ system as a ‘sick care’ system. By shifting our focus to that of prevention of disease, we could save hundreds of billions of healthcare dollars. Read more