Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) – Is It Right For You?

Until 2002, hormone replacement therapy was recommended both to manage menopause symptoms and to prevent long term deterioration of health from osteoporosis and heart disease. However, a large clinical trial, the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) had to cease their long term clinical trials as they found the risks outweighed the benefits. Read more

Hormone Replacement Therapy in the News

This article by The Women’s Health Initiative describes a large hormone replacement therapy study that was discontinued due to health risks for the women who were taking the hormones. The researchers halted the study prematurely because participants on hormone replacement therapy exceeded the boundary for breast cancer risk that was established at the beginning of the study. There was also an increased risk for heart disease for participants on hormone replacement therapy compared to the placebo group. Read more

Menopause, Hormones, and Chinese Medicine

In the article Menopause, Hormones, and Chinese Medicine, you will learn about the differences between the western medical and traditional Chinese medical understandings of menopause and menopause therapy. Learn about safe, natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy for women experiencing symptoms of menopause. Read more