Dr. Tan Acupuncture

Are you ready for relief from pain or illness?

Dr. Tan Balance Method of acupuncture is a revolutionary treatment for pain and illness that gets results! Many experience symptom relief in their 1st session! Most of my patients report significant change in their symptoms of pain or illness within their first 5 visits.

Practitioners of the Dr. Tan Balance Method of acupuncture boast an 85% effectiveness rate. Dr. Tan’s Balance Method uses less needles than traditional acupuncture. This means more comfort for you.

People say this type of acupuncture is totally different than acupuncture they’ve tried before. That’s because it IS different!

Dr. Tan acupuncture clears blockages that are causing problems such as pain or disease. Needles are placed at specific points that are distant from your pain or dysfunction. This effectively draws blockage away from the problem area thereby freeing the flow of energy. Dr. Tan acupuncture uses a system of mirrors and images. For instance, when treating knee pain, needles are placed in the elbow. Likewise the hand can be needled when treating foot pain. The body part chosen as the treatment region acts as a ‘mirror image’ of the painful or dysfunctional region of your body. After a series of treatments, pain is relieved, symptoms are reduced, and freedom of movement is restored. Dr. Tan explains this as being similar to turning on a ceiling light by flipping a switch on the wall. The switch is distant from the light bulb. The light receives electrical energy once the switch turns on the flow. In the same way we can use an acupuncture point on your hand to relieve pain in your back, or a point at your knee to help your stomach function better.

Pain relief is just the beginning! Dr. Tan Balance Method of acupuncture is very effective for restoring balance in people with chronic conditions and internal illness such as digestive disturbance, insomnia, menstrual issues, urinary difficulty, lung problems, PMS, fatigue, arthritis, and more. For these conditions, Dr. Tan’s acupuncture theory dives deeper into ancient theory, using what he calls the ’12 Magic Points’. In this system, the 12 major meridians are balanced with one needle each. This effectively treats the entire body with the minimum number of needles.

Pain and illness get in the way of daily living. My goal is to restore your health so that you live a pain free, healthy life. Get back to doing the things you love. Call for an appointment today.

About Dr. Tan

Dr. Tan was a world renowned acupuncturist, Chi Gong Master, and Feng Shui Master with a M.S. degree in Systems Engineering. He worked in the aerospace industry for many years in the United States. Upon becoming a full time acupuncturist, Dr. Tan was able to use his systems engineering training and his life long study of the Chinese Ba Gua and I Ching to design this revolutionary style of acupuncture. Dr. Tan taught his Balance Method throughout the world. He passed away in 2015 and will be sadly missed.

Dr. Tan developed his 12 Magic Points and Acupuncture Balance Method based on his life long study of ancient principles embodied by The I Ching (The Book of Changes) and The Ba Gua (eight trigrams used in Taoist cosmology). These texts describe relationships between the natural world and our human bodies. He describes a system of dynamic balance of opposites, the continuous change that exists in the world, and how this constant flux affects our bodies. Dr. Tan ingeniously utilizes these concepts using acupuncture to re-balance and harmonize the human body. Balancing the body using Dr. Tan acupuncture helps it to function well and experience changes more gracefully.

Thanks to Dr. Tan’s tireless efforts to bring this information to a wider audience, you can experience this amazing acupuncture treatment for yourself!