NAET Cures Baby’s Severe Eczema

NAET is a powerful treatment to eliminate skin disorders of all types. Most diseases of the skin have food allergies at their root. This article shows how NAET cured severe ezcema in an infant. Dramatic before and after photographs coupled with the parents’ heartfelt testimonial demonstrate the effectiveness of NAET treatments for eczema.

Baby Eczema Photo

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NAET treatments healed this baby’s severe eczema. The pictures speak for themselves. Here is the parent’s testimonial:

“We saw immediate results…”

Dr. Kantipong changed our lives when she introduced us to NAET. My son began to have horrible eczema when he was about one year old. We sought treatment from his pediatrician, a highly-recommended dermatologist and other healthcare professionals for several months as his eczema worsened to what most doctors told us was the most severe case of eczema they had every seen.

We were given prescriptions for many steroid creams and antibiotics, which never seemed to heal him completely if there was any improvement at all. I was at a loss, devastated that no doctor could help my son’s horribly painful skin condition. I began to think that we would never find a cure. I had lost all hope in the medical professionals’ abilities to figure out what my son needed to get better.

One day, I decided to find another way to get answers and searched for a holistic doctor to go to hoping that someone could help me. My son wasn’t sleeping, he couldn’t wear clothes without them sticking to his blistered, eczema covered legs, arms and back, I was in tears every time I bathed him having to be so careful not to rub too hard, or get the water too warm.

When I first met Dr. Kantipong, I instantly loved her. She was so personal and true and we truly felt her compassion from day one. She offered a whole new approach to my son’s eczema. No other doctor had ever suggested that my son’s allergies to foods could be the cause of his eczema in spite of my concerns regarding his diet. She introduced us to NAET and explained how it could help my son.

We saw immediate results. The first weeks, my son’s skin cleared up and for the first time in months he slept more comfortably, his scabs and blisters healed and didn’t come back. It has now been six months since we began our NAET treatments with Dr. Kantipong and my son is eczema free!

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