Acupuncture Natural Alternative Treatment

Acupuncture is a powerful natural treatment alternative for pain relief, headaches, insomnia, menopause, anxiety, reflux and more! Acupuncture is ancient medicine that has withstood the test of time. As an acupuncturist, I use thin needles at precise locations on the body to restore balance so your body can begin to heal. Almost any condition can be treated when you address the underlying imbalances that are driving your symptoms.

Margaret Celli L.Ac. – My Acupuncture Healing Story

I had no idea what acupuncture could do when I first visited an acupuncturist in 1999 for health maintenance. After several treatments, I recall asking my practitioner if he could treat low back pain. He laughed and said ‘what do you think most of the patients are coming in for?’ He cured my low back pain within 6 weeks. Mind you, this was chronic low back pain that kept me from exercising for three years straight! I had tried everything to relieve my low back; massage therapy, myofascial release, trigger point, chiropractic, and physical therapy; everything but acupuncture!

I told myself that whatever alternative treatment eliminated my low back pain was the therapy I would study. True to my word, I enrolled in acupuncture school and now have my own patient success stories.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture has a 2,000 year history as an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine is a health care system that encourages your body’s natural healing abilities. Based on ancient knowledge, it balances your body and keeps your energy flowing freely. This means good health and vitality for you!

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture works by stimulating energy flow through pathways in your body called meridians. Meridians are channels similar to rivers that carry life-force or energy called ‘qi’. This life force travels through the meridian pathways nourishing everything it touches along the way. It is similar to how water travels through irrigation channels to bring nourishment and moisture to living plants. When your qi is flowing well, all of your body parts are being nourished. When all of your body parts are receiving nourishing qi, your body functions at peak performance.

Blockage Causes Pain and Symptoms

When your qi flow becomes blocked, however, disease develops. Using our irrigation example above, a blockage in the water flow means plants would not receive life-giving water and would suffer poor health. Or worse, stagnant pools of water would form allowing disease carrying organisms to multiply. Blockage in your body’s acupuncture meridians (also called channel blockage) works the same way; disease or pain is the end result. Acupuncture needles move stagnant energy by changing the electrical flow through the meridians, unblocking them so your qi circulates in a smooth, free-flowing way. This rebalances your energy system to promote self-healing. You experience pain relief, increased vitality, and good health.

What is an Acupuncture Treatment Like?

After determining your underlying energy imbalances through a thorough intake and examination, acupuncture points are selected. The majority of points lie between elbows and wrists, knees and ankles. You remain completely clothed for most treatments. First you lie comfortably on a padded massage table listening to soft music. The selected points are swabbed with alcohol, then sterile, single-use acupuncture needles are inserted into those areas. Our needles are many times smaller than those used in a doctor’s office. Most people feel nothing and report a pleasant relaxation within a few minutes and often drift into a light sleep.

How Many Treatments Will it Take?

More recent (acute) symptoms can be resolved quickly. However, most people are dealing with chronic, long term issues and require an average of 6-12 weeks to heal. You’ll notice gradual improvements as we restore your body to balance. Symptoms lessen as you notice improved energy levels, sounder sleep, and better digestion. Many choose to continue with maintenance treatments to maintain balance and prevent illness from developing. Plus, acupuncture is profoundly relaxing! Some folks come just to de-stress.

An Ounce of Prevention!

Why wait for pain or sickness to develop before seeking acupuncture? People who receive maintenance treatments notice they visit the doctor less frequently. Preventing illness with natural medicine is a side benefit of receiving regular treatment. By moving your body’s qi, your energy has a constant flow, remaining balanced so that illness has a more difficult time becoming established. A regular schedule of treatment ensures that your immune system stays strong, your energy levels peak, and vibrant health is yours!

Advanced Acupuncture Techniques

Want to learn more ? I’ve studied several advanced acupuncture techniques to help you feel better as quickly and efficiently as possible.