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Acupuncture Services in Exton, PA in Eagleview Town Center

We offer state of the art acupuncture services including Advanced Acupuncture, Neuro Acupuncture, Electro Acupuncture Medicine, Nutritional Counseling and more. Whether you are looking for chronic pain relief due to injury, degenerative disc disease, nerve pain, fibromyalgia, or peripheral neuropathy we have your solution.

Our patients get results with a wide range of conditions whether it’s sciatica, migraines, high blood pressure, infertility, PMS, menopause, autoimmune symptoms, or acid reflux. Margaret has specialized training to help patients with neurological symptoms such as post-concussion syndrome, Bell’s Palsy, Trigeminal Neuralgia, and even difficult to treat pain syndromes such as CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and AMPS (Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome) in both children and adults.

Experienced in relieving symptoms due to complex, chronic, and difficult to treat health problems, at Inner Light Wellness, we want what you want – relief! With over 25 years of clinical experience, Margaret has helped thousands of people, just like you, achieve lasting relief utilizing advanced acupuncture techniques that work.

Advanced Acupuncture

Neuro Acupuncture

Soliman’s Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT)

Electro Acupuncture Medicine

Nutritional Counseling

Success Story

“We have been clients of Margaret for about 10 years. Margaret is the best healer & therapist that I have ever experienced. My wife, Dr. Nancy Hykel-Malone is an internist [physician] and we have both sent many people to Margaret who have been amazed at her ability to help them on many levels, not just relief of physical pain. She is highly trained in many areas of alternative therapies and is very intelligent, empathetic and sensitive. As a dentist, back problems are a way of life and I have been treated by dozens of therapists over the last 35 years of practice and none….NONE have helped me at the level that Margaret has. Her compassion and caring are truly the BEST!”

— David Malone, D.M.D.

Get back to doing the things you love…with acupuncture!

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