Nutritional Counseling

shutterstock_60982609-sizedChinese medicine is more than the practice of acupuncture to relieve symptoms of pain and illness. Acupuncture treatment includes assessment of diet and lifestyle factors that may be influencing your condition. At Inner Light Wellness you will receive information on how your daily food choices may be influencing your particular set of symptoms. Your new patient paperwork includes a section for you to list typical foods you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This provides a total picture of food factors that may be adding to your symptoms. Acupuncturists are educated in providing you proper nutritional guidance based on the same energy principles used to treat your symptoms. Certain foods are likely to increase pain, allergy symptoms, headaches, and more.
Chinese medicine suggests a diet free of wheat and dairy as these foods are considered damp, mucus forming foods. A diet consisting of excess raw fruits and vegetables, salads, cold drinks, cheese, yogurt, bread, and pasta are often hidden culprits in stubborn weight loss issues, seasonal allergies, and other chronic health conditions.

“So what is there left to eat?” many ask. A diet consisting of lightly cooked vegetables, soups, rice, and small amounts of animal protein is recommended as a healing diet for many illnesses but also as a diet for life. Asians enjoy better health than Americans due to an abundance of these types of foods and the absence of wheat, dairy, sugar, and excess cold foods.

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