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Nutritional Counseling

Did you know Chinese Medicine is more than just acupuncture? Food choices play an important role in your health and well being…

Success Story

It only took about a month of regular treatments and some minor food modifications for me to see a dramatic improvement in my colitis symptoms. Through the acupuncture treatments, I was able to get my colitis back under control and revert back to the maintenance dose of my medication…She has given me my “normal” life back and for that I am tremendously grateful.

Heather J

Chinese medicine is more than the practice of acupuncture to relieve symptoms of pain and illness. Your acupuncture treatment may include an assessment of diet and lifestyle factors influencing your condition. Acupuncturists are educated in providing you proper nutritional guidance based on the same energy principles used to treat your symptoms. Certain foods are likely to increase pain, allergy symptoms, headaches, and more.

Chinese medicine suggests a diet free of wheat and dairy as these foods are considered damp, mucus forming foods. A diet consisting of excess raw fruits and vegetables, salads, cold drinks, cheese, yogurt, bread, and pasta are often hidden culprits in stubborn weight loss issues, seasonal allergies, and other chronic health conditions. 

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