Allergy & Asthma

Natural Allergy Relief & Asthma Treatment with Acupuncture


Natural allergy relief and asthma treatment with acupuncture? It’s true! We successfully treat allergies and asthma regularly at Inner Light Wellness Acupuncture, Downingtown. Acupuncture is your natural alternative to treat your seasonal allergies, asthma symptoms, and sinus congestion.

Does the return to warm weather mean the return of your allergy symptoms? Are you dreading the ‘usual’ sneezing, itchy watery eyes, runny nose?  Sinus congestion and sinus headaches are also common for people with seasonal allergies. Or perhaps you have perennial allergies with symptoms that last all year.

For some, allergy season means the return of bothersome nasal symptoms. Others experience more serious symptoms such as those occurring with asthma. Allergy induced asthma symptoms include wheezing and shortness of breath often requiring rescue inhalers or preventive steroid inhalers which must be used daily.

Exercise often makes it worse…just when the weather is getting nice!  When pollen counts are high and allergies get you down, don’t fret! Acupuncture treats allergies and asthma!

Recent research on acupuncture for natural allergy relief showed that allergy sufferers who received acupuncture required less medication to control their symptoms.”

Natural Treatment for Allergies and Asthma That Lasts!

Acupuncture relieves allergy and asthma symptoms quickly, effectively, and often permanently; enabling many to stop using medications and inhalers all together. *Reduction or elimination of prescription medications should always be monitored by the prescribing physician.*  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be free of allergies? At Inner Light Wellness Acupuncture in Downingtown, I treat allergy symptoms and asthma regularly with great results.

Allergies & Asthma Research Studies

Acupuncture – Effective Alternative Allergy Treatment or Placebo?

Recent research on acupuncture for allergies was published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. The study consisted of 422 people who tested positive for pollen allergies and also suffered with nasal symptoms such as runny nose and sinus congestion. All participants took antihistamines as needed.After 2 months of treatment, patients receiving the real acupuncture reported decreased allergy symptoms and a reduction in their need for antihistamines compared to the other groups. But researchers weren’t convinced….

A Natural Alternative to Allergy Shots for Seasonal Allergies

Acupuncture relieves seasonal allergies and is a natural alternative to allergy shots and antihistamines. In this article, you will discover how acupuncture relieves allergy symptoms in a research study. Some basic Chinese medicine concepts are discussed in a ‘user friendly’ way. You will also learn how allergies are diagnosed as a condition of dampness and can be considered cold or warm type based on your symptoms. Knowing which type of allergy you have is important both for acupuncture treatment and for self care.

Patient Reviews for Sinus, Asthma, & Allergy Relief

“I contacted Margaret Celli for treatment of my allergies 6 months ago. I have taken a combination of allergy medications for several years to minimize symptoms, without consistent relief. After Margaret’s first few treatments, I noticed a big difference. Margaret’s well informed about her acupuncture practice and how to achieve health and wellness. Her office and staff are professional; a well maintained, pleasant, relaxing environment. I would highly recommend her services.”

“Allergy relief! I have suffered Seasonal Allergies (indoor and outdoor) my entire life. My life was one constant sneeze. My eyes were itching and burning, always blowing my nose, sinus headaches that would end up in sinus infections, etc. I had to keep tissue boxes in every room and used them all the time. Thanks to Margaret’s acupuncture allergy treatment, I hardly sneeze anymore!! What a relief!! What a blessing to have found Margaret! You are awesome!”

“Acupuncture has revived my life! I started going to Inner Light Wellness about a month ago and I have already seen dramatic differences. My primary concern was getting a better nights sleep and the topic that no one wants to talk about – constipation! Not only have those 2 issues been greatly improved in such a short period, but my yearly allergies are GREATLY improved and I wasn’t even expecting that as an outcome. Margaret is excellent and highly knowledgeable. I always look forward to my sessions. This is the BEST I have felt in a very long time!”