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I have suffered with daily headaches and migraines since adolescence,. I am on numerous preventive medications along with Botox shots, Advil and my rescue meds. Anything and everything can trigger them, especially temperature changes.

So at the advice of my primary doctor to try acupuncture, I started with Margaret at Inner Light Wellness about a month ago. And to be honest, my expectations weren’t high because of the years and all the medication that I have tried/ been on.

WELL, after 1 week of treatments NO daily headaches.

In the month that I have getting treatments I’ve had 1 day that I’ve had to take only Tylenol, and 1 day my rescue med. Now I’m getting up and saying, hey I don’t have a headache this morning!

This hasn’t happened in years.I would recommend acupuncture to anyone. Wish I would have done it years ago. Margaret and Valerie are great make you feel very comfortable.”

Tina Sagliocco Google Review