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A study of knee pain treatment with acupuncture involving almost 4000 participants showed acupuncture was more effective in relieving knee pain caused by osteoarthritis than alternative methods. This conclusion came as a result of 14 different trials in clinical settings supporting various similar studies.

Research supports earlier studies that show acupuncture is a more effective way to treat osteoarthritic knee pain than treating it with conventional biomedicine.  In an excerpt from an article written 8/25/12 by J.D. Heyes of Natural News, “Acupuncture provided significantly better relief from knee osteoarthritis pain and a larger improvement in function than sham acupuncture, standard care treatment, or waiting for further treatment,” in an analysis of 14 separate, random controlled clinical trials involving 3,835 patients reported on the Healthcare Medicine Institute website.  Researchers noted that acupuncture waas ‘better at relieving pain and restoring function’ than standard biomedical care alone or sham acupuncture’. Interest in researching acupuncture for knee pain peaked after a research publication by the National Institutes of Health from 2006 analyzed 13 separate studies which concluded: “Acupuncture that meets criteria for adequate treatment is significantly superior to sham acupuncture and to no additional intervention in improving pain and function in patients with chronic knee pain.”

The journal Acupuncture in Medicine published a study in 2008 where acupuncture was performed on 90 elderly patients for two years. After the first month, doctors noted that patients had significant clinical improvements in their pain levels.



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