Natural Sinus Relief with Acupuncture

Sinusitis-ReliefLooking for natural treatment for sinus relief? Acupuncture can help! Many of my patients seek natural alternative sinus relief with acupuncture to treat their sinus symptoms. My patients see results quickly for symptoms such as sinus blockage, chronic sinusitis, nasal allergies, and sinus headache. Sinusitis can occur a few times a year for some, but for others chronic sinus congestion becomes their daily reality. Acupuncture to the rescue!

 What causes sinus blockage?

  • Sinusitis – inflammation of the sinuses due to infection, fungus, allergies, or virus
  • Nasal Allergy – pollen, dust, smoke, animal dander causing immune reaction
  • Nasal Polyps – overgrowth of tissue in the mucous membranes of the nose and sinus
  • Hay Fever – pollen or dust allergy causing inflammation of the mucous membranes

Sinus Infection & Chronic Sinusitis 

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) About 13 percent of U.S. adults suffered from sinusitis or sinus infection in 2010.  Recent studies suggest, however, that the problem may not be bacterial per se. Bacteria grows in environments when there is imbalance in the system. Imbalance in the microbes of the mucous membranes of your body creates a scenario of ‘good guys’ vs. ‘bad guys’.  The bad guys?  Bacteria.  The good guys? Good bacteria including Lactobacillus which come from a healthy immune system. How do you achieve a good balance of good bacteria vs. bad bacteria in order to avoid dreaded sinus infections? Acupuncture and a healthy diet. Acupuncture combined with a proper diet enhances the immune system by stimulating it to create microbial balance in the sinus.

Sinus Infection Research

A small research study in the journal Science Translational Medicine measured the different types of microbes populating the sinuses of a group of people who had chronic sinusitis and another group who had no sinus issues. They found that among those with sinus infections, the microbial balance of the sinus sufferers was way out of balance. Imbalances such as too many bad bacteria vs. not enough good bacteria is often caused by a weakened immune system which may result in seasonal allergies, mold allergies, pollen, dust, and pet allergies, or just plain sinus blockage!

How Does Acupuncture Work for Sinus Relief?

Acupuncture provides natural sinus relief by clearing the blocked pathways of the nose. Needles placed in areas below the elbows and knees stimulate the flow of energy through the acupuncture meridians, also known as channels. When these channels become blocked, mucus may build up causing clogged sinuses. Since acupuncture also boosts immunity, it strengthens your whole system so you can resist environmental allergies.

Asian Diet and Sinus

Additionally, at my clinic, I advise patients to follow a non-mucus forming, low inflammation diet through our nutritional counseling service. Nutritional counseling is a part of Chinese medicine and is included in your acupuncture treatment. Eating according to Asian dietary principles unblocks your system, unclogs your nose, and increases energy so you feel better.

Chronic Sinus Treatment Research Studies

Acupuncture Treatment 96.5% Effective for Sinusitis

A new clinical study examined acupuncture’s effectiveness in the treatment of sinusitis by testing a group of 85 patients with sinus congestion. Acupuncture was demonstrated to be 96.5% effective for sinusitis. A two year follow up showed that 70% of patients maintained their results! Natural relief for sinusitis – with acupuncture.

Acupuncture Eases Sinusitis

A group of researchers focused on 11 such individuals (eight men and three women), between the ages of 32 and 70 in a new study. Many had struggled with sinusitis for years. None had had any kind of surgery in the three months before the study started. Similarly, no one had undergone acupuncture or acupressure intervention in the two months beforehand.

Patient Reviews for Sinus Relief

“I had been suffering with reflux for more than 30 years and many medications later I no longer need any medication and I do not suffer from reflux anymore!!! I have had 20 surgeries and chronic pain throughout my body, Margaret has taken all the pain away with acupuncture, it has been life changing for me, she has given me my life back. I am also being treated for weight loss and I have taken off 33 pounds so far, I feel wonderful! Acupuncture will take your pain away, make you lose weight, stop reflux, I am living proof. This was the best thing I have ever done for myself!”

“After receiving a strong recommendation from one of her patients, I sought out Margaret Celli of Inner-Light Wellness to treat my asthma and allergies. These chronic conditions had plagued me since age 3, and I was determined to get real relief beyond the limits of Western Medicine. I began treatment with NAET in March 2010, and noticed improvement in my allergy symptoms after 3 visits. Several weeks later, Margaret suggested that I try acupuncture to relieve my most stubborn symptoms such as lung and sinus congestion. She is one of the few practitioners specializing in Dr. Tan’s acupuncture method, which is much more potent than traditional treatment (TCM). Dr. Tan’s method works systemically to clear any (physical/emotional) blockages, thereby providing patients with the most “bang for their buck.” During my first 12-needle acupuncture visit, I experienced the “bulldozer effect” that Margaret had described insofar as the tension and inflammation in my lungs subsided within the first 10 minutes of treatment. Today, my lungs and sinuses have never felt clearer, and I continue to receive maintenance treatments once every few weeks. Margaret is an amazing healer, and I highly recommend her to everyone!”