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Acupuncture relieves migraine headache. According to JAMA, “Migraine affects more than 10% of people worldwide, occurs most often among people aged 20 to 50 years, and is about 3 times more common in women than in men. In a large US survey, 17.1% of women and 5.6% of men reported having migraine symptoms.”

Migraine symptoms include severe, throbbing pain confined to one area of the head lasting 4 to 72 hours. Some people report sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, and vomiting. Visual disturbances, also called ‘auras’ can appear where the patient experiences seeing zigzag lines or flashing lights before or during a migraine. After the migraine is done, there is often fatigue and a feeling of weakness.

Fortunately, Margaret Celli, L.Ac. has years of experience treating migraine symptoms. At her acupuncture clinic in Exton PA, patients achieve an 85% – 95% success rate in migraine relief.

Here is a patient success story from a patient from google.

“I have suffered most of my adult life with headaches that were treatable with OTC medications however, over the last year, I began suffering with debilitating migraines, chronic daily headaches and an array of related symptoms (brain fog, dizziness, etc). After months of trial and error on several treatment plans with various doctors, I scheduled an appointment with Margaret. I was skeptical at first as I saw minimal to no long term improvement from prescribed preventive medications, but was willing to give anything a shot to help me combat the chronic pain.

At my first appointment, Margaret and her team were so welcoming. Margaret listened to all of my issues/concerns and developed a treatment plan specific to my needs. Over the next few weeks, I saw improvement in both the quantity and severity of my headaches. By the end of my treatment plan, I was completely headache and symptom free!

I am currently on an acupuncture maintenance schedule and continue to remain headache free (and no longer on preventive medications). I am so happy to have my life back and so incredibly thankful for Margaret and her team! I HIGHLY recommend!”

For help with migraines, or other types of chronic pain, please see our chronic pain page or our neurological acupuncture page. We would love to help you get back to doing the things you love…migraine free!


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