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A clinical study examined acupuncture for treatment of chronic sinusitis. A test group of 85 patients with sinusitis participated. Chronic rhinitis [sinusitis] is due to the Chinese medicine concept of wind-cold or wind-heat obstructing lung qi. Wind is similar to the concept of virus or bacteria in western medical terminology. Lung qi is a concept of lung function. In Chinese medicine, the lung system includes the nose. It is easily blocked by ‘wind’ or viral/bacterial invasion. Acupuncture releases pathogens trapped in the body by stimulating acupuncture points associated with the lung and nose.

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Recent Research Proves Sinusitis Cured with Acupuncture

A recent was study conducted on 85 participants with sinus problems including chronic rhinitis, nasal congestion and irritated or inflamed nasal tissue. These symptoms can eventually lead to chronic coughing, asthma, excessive mucus and phlegm production, disturbed sleep and even nose bleeds.

All 85 participants in the study were treated with acupuncture. One round of treatment consisted of one acupuncture session daily for fifteen consecutive days. Participants received two rounds of treatment which included the stimulation of acupuncture points to release pathogens and clear the nose and lung.

The study’s success was rated at 96.5%, with over 70% of the participants achieving a full recovery marked by a total resolution of all symptoms.

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